7D6N Taiwan Round Island + Yilan (SIC-GV2) (CK7)


Highlights: Mandarin Speaking Guide Only Taipei Yilan Chiayi Nantou Taichung

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  • Stay: 6 Night
  • Meals: 6 Breakfast, 5 Lunch, 2 Dinner
  • Transport: Seat In Coach

Experience Taiwan’s cultural heritage with this tour that brings you to Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village, Shifen Old Street, Shihlin Night Market and more. 

Taiwan possesses a culture that’s quite different, with a little bit of Japanese culture here and local aborigine’s culture there. To truly see every part of a Taiwanese culture, perhaps it’s wise to start with historical sites. Here’s where you can explore the coal mining history of Taiwan and the unique scene of trains running right through a narrow old street. The local snacks also make for a delightful experience!

One just shouldn’t go home without dropping by the Sun Moon Lake. The most famous attraction in Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake is rightfully so as it features a lake that resembles the sun and moon (hence thae name) that offers a great sunrise and sunset view. This might just be God’s best creation ever! Surrounding the lake, you will also be able to find beautiful countryside that is listed as one of Taiwan’s thirteen national scenic areas.

Shihlin Night Market is the largest and most famous night market in Taiwan where people of all ages, and both locals and foreigners visit. It is occupied with hundreds of stalls selling local delicacies, family secret recipes, traditional delights and more. Some stalls also sell accessories, clothes and other fashion items. Some of the must-try food in this night market is the fried chicken steak, oyster omelet, tempura, stinky tofu and oyster vermicelli. 

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Day 1

Arrival Taoyuan Airport, Taipei  桃园国际机场台北

Upon arrival, you will be welcomed and transferred to the hotel. Rest of the day is free at own leisure. 抵达桃园国际机场后,由当地导游接待,送往下榻酒店。

Day 2

Taipei - Yilan                                                    (B/X/D)

# National CKS Memorial Hall (National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall): Is the most impressive monument to the great Chinese Hero.  中正紀念堂: 整个建築充分显示中国特色之美,气势雄伟,公园內名花異卉, 小桥流水,景观壮丽。

# Jiufen: To see the old fashioned way of life that still exists. With the aura of an old mining that is still apparent. Here you can also try some famous local dish as is Taro and Sweet Potato Ball etc. 九份山城(转乘公车): 它是昔日的金矿产区,也是今日的电影悲情城市的外景地。那裡可以品尝草仔粿,蕃薯芋头丸,潮州鱼丸等各式小吃。

# Jimmy Square: Jimmy Square is first theme square in Taiwan, Art from the well-known "Jimmy", Picture book "Turn Left, Trun Right" and "Starry Starry night" scene in the square to reproduce the original. 几米广场: 全台第一座几米主题广场,现场的装置艺术全取自知名绘本作家「几米」的作品,绘本「向左走‧向右走」中的男、女主角往各自方向走去的场景,在广场上原貌重现;绘本「星空」裡的小男孩与小女孩一起等公车上下学场景,也出现在广场路旁。

# Diu Diu Dong Forest: Is opposite to Yilan Train Station. This is a special cycads forest, the park is composed of ballads and trees. It’s a modern concept forest park. 丟丟噹森林: 坐落於宜蘭火车站对面,这是宜兰市区一处奇特的铁树森林。『丟丟噹公园』是火车民谣与绿色树林所组成,具有现代感设计理念的森林公园。

# Luodong Forestry Culture Garden: Here is a combination of forest resources and recreation, education, culture, Luodong Forestry Culture Garden for leisure and tourism attraction罗东林业文化园区: 有著森林资源丰富並结合了休闲,教育,文化等多功能的观摩导览,成为最佳休闲旅游的观光景点,由於此处木林繁多, 因而成为多种类的鸟儿食与息之处,园区内自然翠绿的景致以及鸟语声,带来和谐景致。

Day 3

Yilan - Hualien - Taitung                               (B/L/D)

# Friendly Garden (vegetables or fruits DIY): They do great guided tours of the eco-friendly, organic farm and the hosts are very knowledgeable about farming and crops. 希望田园: 专业人士接待解说春夏秋冬四季多元的有机农场业成长文化,亲身体验〝农夫〞下乡种田,溫室耕作栽培等,品’尝无毒耕种的农村餐食及原住民特色饮食。DIY,亲手制作如三星蔥油饼、洛神花、棗稻米等无毒在地食材,体验宜兰在地原住民族的生活文化及文创艺术。

# Taroko National Park: The gorge was formed by rushing river waters which have cut straight through the marble and granite to create a beautiful, narrow ravine with waterfalls and patches of mist clinging to the mountains, surrounded by subtropical forests. 太鲁阁国家公园: 我国第4座国家公园,太鲁阁峡谷是一个足以傲视全世界的地理景观名列台湾百岳的高山27座,美丽的瀑布,雄伟的断崖,怡人的温泉,种种自然资源组成了游憩者的天堂。

# Guangfu Sugar Factory: Hualien known local sugar mills, sugar factories the government had transformed into tourist sugar, sugar and desserts technology class, a considerable number of all kinds of ice cream waiting for you to taste.光复糖厂: 花莲的老糖厂,是近年新成立的文创园区,来这里必吃台糖冰淇淋。

# Tropic of Cancer: Tropic of Cancer is the northern hemisphere summer sun direct furthest distance from the equator , tropical and temperate regions segmentation important landmark line.北回归线标志: 北回归线是太阳在北半球所能直射到距离赤道最远的位置,位在北纬23.5度。每年夏至那一天,太阳就直射在北回归线上,正午时分的「立竿不见影」,是北回归线上的独特天象。

#Taitung Hot Spring Resort: You can experience the rustic yet refined hot spring culture. Immerse yourself in the hot spring and savor the moment. It is recommended that you bring your own swimwear & cap to enjoy the hot spring. 台东温泉: 是个碱性硫酸温泉可以促进血液循环, 松弛肌肉, 对皮肤病, 关节炎, 神经痛等皆有疗效。(自备泳衣和泳帽)

Day 4

Taitung - Kaohsiung     - Night Market                                                                                        (B/L/X)

# Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center (If closed replace by Fo Guang Shan): was built in 1998, The Master arrived in India to teach Buddhism doctrine, Tibetan lama give tooth relic and hope to build a museum in Taiwan. Main Hall place tooth relic. 佛陀紀念馆(如遇休馆,改至佛光山): 兴建缘起於1998年星云大师至印度菩提伽耶传授国际三壇大戒,西藏喇嘛「貢噶多傑仁波切」赠送佛牙舍利,並表达盼能在台湾建馆供奉的心心愿,主馆供奉佛牙舍利。

# The Pier-2 Art Center: Sugar stored at here in the past, and now is creative qualities exhibition.

駁二艺术特区: 过去儲放鱼粉与砂糖,现在是充滿城市创意特质的展演地。

# Banana Wharf: In 196  0, we exported banana to Japan. It is called “Banana Wharf” because of we exported large banana. 香蕉码头: 50年代台湾香蕉大量出口日本,高雄香蕉码头因为大量出口香蕉而有此名称。

Day 5

Kaohsiung - Nantou - Taichung - Night Market                                     (B/L/X)

# Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area (boat ride): The largest lake in Taiwan. There is an island called “Guang Hua Island” in the middle of the lake. Northern part of the island looks like a sun, southern part looks like a moon, that’s why is being named as Sun Moon Lake. 日月潭国家风景区(乘船游湖): 台湾的水庫湖泊型风景区中应屬南投县鱼池乡的日月潭最受矚目;全潭面积827公頃,湖面周围約33公里,北半部形如日轮,南半部形如月鉤,故而得名。

# Wen Wu Temple: The temple to enshrine and worship Confucius, Guan Gong and Yue Faye.

文武庙: 位於日月潭山腰上,因供奉孔子、岳飞以及关羽而得名。庙宇以金黃色为主,巍峨耸立,气势非凡,值得細細欣赏以及品味。

Day 6

Taichung - Taipei                                                                           (B/L/X)

# Martyr’s Shrine: To view an elaborate ceremony of changing guards hourly. 忠烈祠: 祠內供奉著历年忠勇牺牲的烈士牌位及建国史蹟图片,並能观赏卫兵換班交接仪式。

# 101 Shopping Mall: Enjoy your shopping in the tallest building in the world. (Observatory own expenses)


# Ximending Shopping District: Taipei famous “Shopping Paradise”, Ximending to shop to your heart’s content. 西门町 : 这里集合了时下年青人所有的最爱,电影、流行服饰、饰品、流行精品、舶来品、刺青、各国美食、偶像歌手签唱会…,都让西门町成为年轻年最ㄏㄤ的流行新乐园。

Day 7

Depart Taipei   台北 - 吉隆坡                                      (B)

After breakfast, transfer to airport for your flight back home. 早餐后,送往机场乘搭豪华班机飞返吉隆坡。


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*Tour Code: CK7
*Return airport/hotel transfer on sit-in coach
*6 nights accommodations
*Sightseeing & meals as specified in the itinerary
*Mandarin speaking guide
*Air ticket & Airport axes
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*Travel Insurance
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