5D Taiwan Private (Alishan / Taichung) - GV4

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Highlights: Sun Moon Lake Fengjia Ximending

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Taiwan, officially known as The Republic of China, is a beautiful country nestled in the middle of the ocean just off the coast of mainland China. Their official language is Mandarin. Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, is home to one of Asia’s most exciting street food scenes and night markets such as Feng Jia Night market, and Shih Lin night market. If you want a country that can fulfil your curiosity for both traditional and modern culture, Taiwan is the perfect place. For a more modern take on the city, visit the Ximending Shopping District which is located just outside of Ximen Station in Wanhua District. Our tour is perfect for first timers to Taiwan who has limited time and want to see the highlights of Taiwan. 

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Day 1

Arrival Taoyuan Airport, Taipei桃园国际机场 – 台北(SIC)
Hotel: Taipei ReliteHotel or similar
Upon arrival, you will be welcomed and transferred to the hotel. Rest of the day is free at own leisure. 抵达桃园国际机场后,由当地接待,送往下榻酒店.

Day 2

Taipei -Hsinchu -Chiayi (B)
Hotel: ChiayiLeisure B & B or similar
• Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall:A famous monument erected in memory of Chiang Kai-shek, former President of the Republic of China. The hall is located in the heart of Taipei City. The architecture of the hall is inspired by Temple of Heaven in Beijing the four sides of the structure are similar to those of the pyramids in Egypt .
中正纪念堂:位于台北市中心,是为追念先总统蒋介石而建造的纪念堂,造型仿北京天坛之顶,埃及金字塔之体,高聳威严.纪念堂左右分列戏剧院与音乐厅, 古色古香的中国宮殿式建筑, 莊严宏伟.
• Neiwan Old Street : To experience the Ka Cha old life style and own expense to taste some Ka Cha traditional small dishes.
內湾老街(吊桥.戏院.车站):老街上的广濟宮,火车站,戏院,內湾吊桥处处充滿怀旧的景点,穿梭其间回味无穷, 其中, 刘兴欽漫画筆下的阿三哥与大嬸婆鲜活的图記已成为內湾的标志, 街上妙趣橫生的漫画及近來兴起的野薑花粽等特产,为老街增添几许浓浓的人情味.
• Fenqihu: The midway point on the Alishan Mountain Railway is known as the Jiufen of Central Taiwan.

Day 3

Chiayi-Alishan Forest Recreational Area-Nantou- Taichung (B) 
Hotel:TaichungReloading Hotel or similar 
• Alishan Forest Recreational Area: Alishan is not only the most famous tourist spot in Taiwan, but the most popular travel destination for oversea tourists outside of Taipei city. Alishan's beauty is natural with living creatures, especially the grant woods, like Three Brothers, Four Sisters……. There is also the famous temple, “Sho Cheng Temple” here, for visiting. (AlisanDistrict are subject to traffic control by government)
• Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area:The largest lake in Taiwan. There is an island called “Guang Hua Island” in the middle of the lake. Northern part of the island looks like a sun while the southern part looks like a moon. That’s why it is named as Sun Moon Lake
• Wen Wu Temple: This temple is to enshrine and worship Confucius, Guan Gong and Yue Faye.
文武廟: 位於日月潭山腰上,因供奉孔子,岳飞以及关羽而得名.庙宇以金黃色为主, 巍峨聳立, 气势非凡,值得细细欣赏以及品味.
• Feng Jia Night Market:One of Taichung famous area, this night market located at FengJiaUniversity, market snack, apparel be provided with cheaper and distinct
逢甲商圈:逢甲夜市是特色小吃聚集的地区,異国风味小吃近來異军突起,包括鸟蛋荷包蛋,墨西哥袋饼,日本酥脆棒, 欧州风格的咖啡摊,还有天下第一菇.

Day 4

Taichung - Taipei (B) 
Hotel: Taipei Relite Hotel or similar
• Addiction Aquatic Development: It’s a live seafood market, gourmet grocery, sushi bar, and restaurant all rolled into a clean and contemporary urban package. Fresh and fashionable but still affordable, it’s the best looking seafood market in Taipei.
上引水产: 集合水产、超市、主题餐饮为一体。餐饮主要以海鲜为主,有寿司刺身、火锅和碳烤等不同吃法.
• Martyr’s Shrine: This is classical Ming dynasty architecture and got a chance to see the ceremonial changing of the guards.
• Huashan 1914 Creative Park:Taipei’s primary creative arts center and a hosting ground for Taiwan’s most significant cultural activities.
• Ximending:Located in the northeastern part of Wanhua District in Taipei City and it is also the most important consumer district in the Western District of Taipei.
西门町商圈:该区域位于台北市东华区东北方,为台北市西区最重要的消费商圈. 此外也是台北市最具特色,具有指標性意义的徒步区.

Day 5

Taipei Departure台北出境(SIC)(B)
After breakfast, transfer to airport for your flight back home.

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• Child No Bed (2 - 11 Years) : 85% of Adult Fare ; Child With Bed : Same price with adult 
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