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Nha Trang is the famous sea side resort in Vietnam. The city is located on the Southern Coat of the country and is best known for the beauty of its sandy beaches. It's a very important tourist hub of the country. With mild temperature all year round and amusement water parks both on land and off coast, the city is a real attraction to the tourists. It has a number of museums, cinemas and beautiful beaches with small restaurants to buy food from. Other famous tourist spots include the Monkey Island, Hon Ba Mountain, Hoa Lan Stream, Thap Ba Hot Spring and the Palace of Emperor. Also there are a few waterfalls which offer great scenic beauty to the viewer.

Things to do in Nha Trang

The coast city is famous for its salty sea foods. Fried sea food and pepper rice is one of the famous dishes of the town. Another famous dish is rice vermicelli served with jelly fish. The city restaurants also offer a wide range of western cuisine. It also offers a large number of bars at night for merry people. You can visit the cafes as well if you want to stay away from the noisy atmosphere of bars. Live music is performed at most of these cafes. One of the major gifts of this city to the tourists is its surf club. Sailing tutors can also be hired for a fun sailing trip on the beach. The tourists can also enjoy biking and rafting tours of the city. Hot streams and swimming pools are a good option for relaxing the mind. Scuba diving is also available.

Best time to visit Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a stopover point for the annual yacht races. The city is known to have welcomed many famous five star cruises over the recent years. An annual sea festival is also celebrated each year in the summer. Other famous festivals and celebrations include Tet Fesitval, Po Nagar Festival, Whale Festival and Che Ngo Festival. These are celebrated with full enthusiasm by the local people and attract many tourists as well. The city is a great destination to travel to in holiday period and offers a variety of entertainment factors to the tourists.


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