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Syria is a Middle East country located at the connecting point of Europe, Asia and Africa. This strategic location made Syria the focal point of ancient civilization. In fact, no one could go to the west or the east without passing through Syria. These facets made this beautiful Middle Eastern become famous with people from both the east and the west. Syria is surrounded by 5 countries; Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey. To its south is a short coast line on the east Mediterranean Sea with beautiful beaches. The state is about 185,180 square kilometers and hosts about 19 million people. Its capital city, Damascus, is home to some of the most amazing architecture in the Middle East. The Khan As'ad Pasha, for example, was built in 1752. There are other attractions that will definitely interest anyone on tour in Syria, for example, the Sayyida Seinab Mosque, the Palmyra Museum, the National Museum and the Azem Palace.

Anyone who wants to understand the rich history of Syria, and learn about the many monuments that are found in the country, should make a point of touring Syria. Students of history and Arabic are particularly advised to make that visit. There is the big Castle le Crac des Chevaliers that tells the story of the big crusaders in the early days. There are many hotels and restaurants that travelers can enjoy a perfect meal of Falafel or Foul either in Damascus or other regions in Syria. Some of these hotels organize tours for their tourist on holiday at an affordable rate.

The best time to organize a holiday to Syria is during the December when everyone is in a festive mood. Perhaps just to remind you a few things, as much as Syria is a secular state; it is heavily influenced by the Muslim culture and religion. If you are a woman, it is best to respect the dressing requirements of females in the region especially when you are visiting a religious ground.


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