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Yala as a tour and holiday destination

Yala is the second largest National Park in the island nation of Sri Lanka, and the most visited. It covers an area of almost 380 square miles and is located on the coast in the southeastern part of the country, almost 200 miles from the capital, Colombo. The park is well known for being one of the best places on the island to see wildlife, as well as for its work in conservation. Visitors who travel to the park can also experience the beautiful coast and sand dunes.

Things to do in Yala

One of the biggest attractions of a holiday in the Yala area is the opportunity to see a huge variety of wildlife. An estimated 215 species of bird can be seen here, including several that are found nowhere else. Over 40 species of mammals can be seen here, and the park boasts a higher number of leopards than almost anywhere else in the world. Other attractions at Yala include several historic sites; the caves here have been populated since around the 2nd century BC. Yala appears to the independent and adventurous traveler, as well as those looking for a different and unique travel experience.

Best time to visit Yala

Although you can enjoy the attractions of Sri Lanka at any time of the year, the period from June to September is considered the best time to experience Yala. Rainfall is rare on this part of the island, although Sri Lanka in general has two distinct monsoon seasons, May to July and October to January. You can avoid some of the hotter daytime temperatures if you visit the park in the early morning, or at dusk.

Sri Lanka is one of the world's most beautiful islands and for a chance to experience wildlife up close and to get a firsthand look at how important conservation is, Yala makes a great destination.


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