Soraksan tour packages & holidays

Soraksan as a tour and holiday destination 

Soraksan, located in South Korea is a place you should consider for a relaxing and inspiring holiday. Soraksan is one of the highest mountain peaks in South Korea and the attraction featuring Soraksan is Seoraksan National Park.  Although the park is beautiful all on its own, another gorgeous site to see there is the Sinheungsa Temple. The temple has a huge likeness of Buddha which is located at the front of the park entrance. People on holiday visit Soraksan via bus, which is supplied by the Gangnam Express Bus Terminal.

Things to do on Soraksan 

While on holiday at this national park you can enjoy a day of hiking.  Not an avid hiker and worried about the level of difficulty that comes with some of the hikes?  Well, you don't have to worry.  There are several trails available for those at all levels so that hikers of all skill levels can have an enjoyable experience.  One of the most popular trails to go on a hike is Cheonbuldong Valley.  If you decide to take your holiday at this national park and want to go hiking it is advised to schedule a hike in advance with a knowledgeable park guide, because some trails can take up to 10 hours to complete.  

Best time to visit Soraksan 

Soraksan National Park is fairly inexpensive to visit and lodging is readily available and affordable for most.  Two of the most affordable places to stay are the Seorak Tourist Hotel and the Seoraksan Youth Hostel. For the best aesthetic views and experience during your holiday the best time to visit and take tours at Seoraksan National Park is during the spring and autumn months.


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