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Chitwan is located in the Chitwan valley of Nepal and the fifth largest city in the country, is the nation's economic hub. Daily, people from all over the country assemble there for shopping, commerce, educational opportunities and more. As far as holidays go, a trip to Chitwan, Nepal will be one of the most unconventional and interesting places ever experienced. Chitwan can lay claim to the Terai Marshes, one of the last unspoiled savannas on the Asian subcontinent. It is nestled in what is known as the foothills of the Himalayas, and nearly everyone has heard tell of the exploits of the intrepid explorer who has breached one of the earth's last mysterious areas.

Things to do in Chitwan 

Chitwan is a great holiday destination for the naturalist or ecologist. It's national park, the Chitwan Natural Park, has some of the most diversified flora, fauna, and animal life in Asia, if not the world. Its sister park, the Parsa Preserve, is the most ecologically diverse area of any wildlife enclave in the region. The country has the largest selection of rare or endangered creatures in the world. The Preserve is actually patrolled by battalions of the Nepalese Army to discourage poaching. Tours through these attractions can be arranged or one can venture in without any fanfare, if a more impromptu jaunt happens to be to your liking.

Bharapatur, a hub of trade, commerce, and education, is located on the Narayani River and has the area's most important airport. It is in Bharapatur where one can get away from the wildlife for a while if some semblance of civilization is needed. If you have a hankering to get some shopping in, the Dattatraya Square in downtown Bharapatur has traditional Nepalese offerings including their world famous wood-working (reportedly some of the finest in the world). The work of many local artists can be experienced in Durbar Square.

For the anthropologist, one can undertake a tour of the Tharu village. The Tharu are one of the last indigenous people groups in Nepal. There is a museum there where you can learn about Tharu history and the culture of this people and how they co-exist with the modern world. Chitwan is a fantastic city to visit and explore for its way of life, natural resources, and much more. It may not be at the forefront of typical travel plans, but a trip to Chitwan won't soon be forgotten.


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