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Kyaikhto as a tour and holiday destination

A trip to Mount Kyaikhto is an essential part of any Myanmar travel or tours package -- and for good reason. This is one of those multifaceted tourist attractions that is completely awe-inspiring. Otherwise known as "Golden Rock", this spectacularly shiny boulder rests at the very edge of a cliff -- its impressive girth of over 50 feet is home to a stupa of 18 feet. Kyaikhto is an important pilgrimage point for members of the Buddhist faith who believe that one of sacred Buddha's hairs is contained within the Kyaikhto Pagoda.

Things to do in Kyaikhto 

Any person who enjoys the spiritual or cultural aspects of a holiday will enjoy this little gem of Myanmar. According to Myanmar legend, the rock was placed on the ledge two and a half millennia ago by the Nats spirits themselves. Hiking enthusiasts are also bound to enjoy the 10 mile hike up the steep, picturesque mountain. The very bottom of the rock is home to rest houses built by well-wishers of the Buddhist faith -- people who support the pilgrimage of worshippers during the dryer months. An array of vendors selling an assortment of traditional crafts, foods and drinks makes it an ideal spot for curio seekers as well.

Best time to visit Kyaikhto 

It is probably a good idea to visit Kyaikhto between October and March. This is the dry season, where travelers and pilgrims take the time to complete the spiritual hike up the mountain. During this long walk, pilgrims buy tiny squares of gold leaf which they intend to stick to the rock when they reach it. Over the years, these thin strips of gold leaf have built up to a solid layer of pure gold. There is absolutely no doubt that this landmark is in a class of its own and therefore a must-see for anyone wishing to explore the best that Myanmar has to offer.


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