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Touring around Bago, one of the economic and administrative regions of Myanmar, can provide exotic adventures to tourists. This destination is located on the southern part of Myanmar and is the home to Burmese ethnic minorities such as Chin, Mon, Karen, and Shan. The city has lots of attractions including various Buddhist pagodas like Shwethar Lyaung Pagoda, Shwe Mawdaw Pagoda, Snake Pagoda, and the famous Naung Daw Gyi Mya Tha Lyang (reclining Buddha). Visitors can also enjoy a tour around the rubber tree and cashew nuts plantations or stop by the Buddhist orphanage. Tourists will surely enjoy exploring the city on a motorbike.

Things to do in Bago 

A trip to this city will not be complete without a taste of the delicious Burmese dishes. Guests will love exploring the Burmese cuisine, which is diversified because of the influence of Thailand, China, India, and other different ethnicities. Their cuisine is known for the common use of fish products such as ngapi (fermented seafood) and fish sauce. Among the dishes that should not be missed in this tour is Mohinga, which is a dish of rice noodles that is topped with deep fried fritters and fish based soup. Visitors should also try the fish medley of Burmese fish curry and the garnish salads that are made more delicious with chilli flake sauce or fermented fish sauce. These tasty foods and many others should not be missed when touring around Bago.

Best time to visit Bago 

For those who are planning a trip to Bago, it is possible to travel there any time of the year. However, the best months are from November to February. The country has dry and wet seasons and these months are among the dry season period. Tourists can also go to the city to witness many colorful and traditional festivals. Among these celebrations are the Ananda Temple Festival, (January 2-19), the Maha Myat Muni Pagoda (February 4-18), and the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda Festival (November 9-10). With these festivals and other exciting attractions, holiday tours to the Land of Spires are made memorable.


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