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Kani is one of the islands located in Maldives which is situated in the Indian Ocean. Of all the Asian countries, it is the smallest and least populated. Owing to its excellent beach, superb temperatures, and many other attractions, it is frequently visited by travelers from all around the world. The natural beauty in Kani provides a magnificent view and a refreshing experience to every visitor. Club Med Kani, which is an exclusive resort located in the area, is just like a small paradise with breathtaking sights and fresh clear waters that are perfectly ideal for diving.

Things to do in Kani 

If you enjoy swimming, kite boarding, scuba diving and other water sport activities, you should certainly stopover at Kani for your holiday. Here, you will not only enjoy the water activities, but you can also stroll along and take pleasure in the beautiful white and sandy beaches--it's a perfect romantic getaway. Besides, if you need to experience the nightlife in this part of the world, you can be guaranteed of fun in the numerous discos and bars dotting the island. The good thing is that you can always be sure of excellent accommodation regardless of when you plan your tour, since there are resorts exclusively meant for tourism.

Best time to visit Kani 

Kani is one of the most fascinating Islands in this region, and if you want to experience the tranquility it provides, you should plan to tour in the period between December and April. At this time, you can enjoy sun bathing and take part in all the activities you like without worrying about bad weather. Besides, the suites in Kani are propped up on stilts, thus in the course of your visit, you can enjoy a view of the clear waters anytime you wish to.

Regardless of who you are taking a tour with, Kani in Maldives is one place that you can be certain to have the best holiday experience ever.


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