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Tanjung Jara is one of Malaysia's tourist hotspot. It has been one of its most famous travel destinations and has attracted thousands of people every year. Tanjung Jara is located at the eastern coast of the Malayan peninsula and is a center of luxury and Malayan tradition. This exotic place displays the grandeur of Malayan royalty as it displays sultanate palaces of extreme beauty. Tanjung Jara is located in Dungun, a city approximately 70 km from Kuala Lumpur.

The main attraction of this wonderful resort is its luxurious hotels which was one palatial mansion for Malayan royalty during the 17th century.  The resort is overflowing with Malayan culture at its finest. The beauty of nature, juxtaposed with the artistic ingenuity of Malayan artisan creates a paradise on Earth. One can find rooms and accommodations in this resort extremely breathtaking. One will really have the opportunity to experience the luxurious pampering fit for kings.

The main cuisine in Tanjung Jara is Malaysian cuisine. One can find this as an opportunity to taste the delicacies of Malaysian food and how spices of all sorts create dishes which made Europe crave during the age of exploration. The resort is also a great place to shop for souvenirs. Local craft and products works of art and one will find that buying such souvenirs are not a waste of money.

When the sun sets, the resort becomes more alive. Music, dance and parties erupt as people celebrate well into the night. Beach side restaurants give tourist a nice torch lit dinner with music and the soothing sound of the waves as it splashes gently on the shore.

Tanjung Jara is always ready to receive guest from all over the world. The right time to visit this resort is anytime, however avoiding the rainy season will allow tourists to visit more places and enjoy more of the natural view of this wonderful resort. A Visit during the summer and holiday seasons is also advisable. 


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