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Pulau Rawa is actually a coral island off the east costal area of Johor, Malaysia - 16 km by boat from the city Mersing. The place is widely popular with tourists especially from Singapore and Malaysia for its numerous points of attractions, who travel to enjoy its beaches, unspoiled white, scuba diving and snorkeling. Some nearby islands includes Pulu Mensirip and Pulu Harimau. There are many land and sea creatures like squids, fishes, jellyfish, Malayan sea eagles, octopuses and reptiles. Blacktip reef sharks are also found fending the sea off.

This special place beckons you to make your holiday trip truly enjoyable. Waves carry your troubles away and gentle breeze soothes the eternal frown lines and the sun warms each and every corner of your heart. This little earthly paradise celebrates the most simple and plane pleasures in life with natural beauty, excellent food and great company. It nestles against a hill of tender green foliage and faces a natural Laguna of corals with colorful giant clams and fishes. For more adventure, you can take a 20 min trek up the hill or check the hilly caves that overlooks the another side of this island. It is a pretty attractive view that usually promises an awesome natural sunshine. Test the delicacies as this place has one of the most versatile and diverse food fair of Malaysia. Sometimes the food is mixed with so different influences that (Malay, Chinese, Thai cuisine, India and so on) it becomes unique to the island itself.

Honestly, the "Le Club Pulau Rawa" is the coolest place to chill out and hang loose. The inane beauty simply entices you to relax and rest. If you dare, give a step and let yourself to be acquired by the island call. You will be surely whisked away on the personal travel of self-discovery.


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A perfect beach holiday to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Pulau Rawa, the ideal getaway.

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