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A holiday in Pulau Pemanggil, Malaysia is going to be something different than the usual holiday that takes place such as playing on the beach, enjoying the sand, sun and the view while sipping mojitos from coconuts and sitting in the confortable shade of an umbrella, or just enjoying a night sky from a place that is situated above the world. This is because the island is covered in mystery and stories that may tickle a curious traveler into unraveling the mystery of the truth behind the stories that they hear about the place.

Pulau Pemanggil, Malaysia can only be accessed with a 4-5 hour boat ride from the main land, and it boasts too many features that become attractions to many tourists as this island has become a fisherman's ultimate secret. This is where some mackerels come from, and this island is abundant of this type of fish that fishers come here from time to time to catch the big one. It also boasts a boulder that is still visible after 50 kilometers away from the island, that it is so enormous that it may also be one of the main attractions of Pulau Pemanggil, Malaysia.

Even though this island is situated within a tropical area, it is best to come here during the season where there are no rains that can hinder one's holiday, as well as enjoy the attractions that are offered and to be expected from the island of Pulau Pemanggil, Malaysia. Tourists and travelers can enjoy the warmth of the people here and for the curious types they will enjoy the mystery that envelops the whole place and may sometimes bring chills to the bones of people who come and go from this island.


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