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Pulau Mantanani is one of the three islands that form the Mantanani Besar Islands in Malaysia. Pulau Mantanani is the biggest of the three islands located North-West from the state of Sabah and opposite a town called Kota Belud and it takes approximately one hour on a speed boat to get to the island from Sabah. The island is home to some of Malaysia's best kept secrets because of the fact that it has not been commercialized. Pulau Mantanani is well known for its recreational diving. There are three Diving sites in the islands that date back to the Second World War, which are the best tourist attractions in the area. This island is also known for hosting some of the most unique and rare birds such as the Mantanani Scops Owl.

Recreational divers, birdwatchers and anyone who just wants to enjoy the beauty of marine life should travel to Pinang Mantanani. The island has the most diverse marine life with visibility of up to 40 meters. There is a lodge in the island that hosts most tourists on holiday. However, since accommodation could be limited, visitors can reserve accommodations in Sabah or other towns near the island. For example, it takes 45 min from Kuala Abai Jetty and there are quite a number of decent hotels to stay. The island could probably be the best place to learn how to scuba dive with professionals from the lodge.

The weather in Pulau Mantanani is influences by the surrounding countries. However, anytime is good time to visit his amazing island in Malaysia. You can arrange tours with the local tourist's office in Sabah and enjoy the tropical island. You can also enjoy trekking around this island and meet up with some of the local fishing villages or choose to play some friendly beach volleyball with friends in the evenings. While still at the island on holiday, one of the many attractions you will not want to miss is the sunset cruise in the evenings with the Lodge's big wooden boat. It is a spectacle to behold.


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An undiscovered gem of an island off Kota Kinabalu where you can dive and swim with the dugongs, 3m long and weighing 350kgs sea cows! A great diving holiday at Pulau Mantanani.

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