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Pulau Gemia is one of small islands which dot the east coast of the Malaysian Peninsula. This small island is wonderful lush and a secluded paradise for most people. This small rocky island surrounded by the vast blue sea is one of the exotic travel destinations, Malaysia has to offer. From Marang, Malaysia, one can travel to Pulau Gemia by boat. This is the only way to reach this exotic island as it is still relatively untouched by drastic modernization.

The unique features of Gemia Island are its lush and almost undisturbed natural surroundings. Its tropical ambiance is outlined by pure white sand beaches which are amazing. Once tourists see the beauty of this island will remain in the memories forever. The island is also filled with so many activities such as scuba diving, turtle watching and snorkeling. The island also has amenities such as spas and hotels which will really make each stay a delight.

When visiting Gemia Island, tourists will have the chance to taste authentic Malaysian cuisine, which incorporates various cultural influences from Indian and Islamic delicacies. There are various small shops in the island for shopping for souvenirs. The nightlife in Gemia is focused on contemplation on the beauty of nature in such perfect condition. A beach dinner under the moonlight with music and local entertainers serenading well into the night is the sublime and relaxing way to enjoy a good night.

Normally, it is best to visit the island after the monsoon has passed. The rainiest season comes around November to March and going to the island around April and May is the best time to go. Also, going to Gemia island during the holiday season is a nice time to visit the place.


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Gemia is the tiny island surrounded by coral garden with abundance of marine life. See giant leatherback turtles lay their eggs on the beach.

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