Pulau Besar Johor tour packages & holidays

Pulau Besar is the largest of the eight islands off the shores of Malacca, Malaysia. It is a beautiful island famous for three things---its pearly white beaches, numerous legends, and religious sites. The island can easily be accessed by solo, couple, and family travelers through motorboats at the Malacca Pier in Melaka Raya or scheduled ferries at the Anjung Batu Jetty.

The island of Pulau Besar itself is generally serene, allowing you the much-sought peace and quiet that is often hard to find in cities. Here, you will be given a good long time to discover and connect with nature once again. You can do it by spending time around Tasik Biawak (Lizard Lake), observing the fragrant Kemenyan Tree, seeing Yunos Cave, swimming or snorkeling in the cool sea at the Bunian Paradise and Golden Beaches, or simply trekking around the island.

If you are enchanted with folklore and legends, then you will be captivated by the following attractions: the Batu Belah (Split Rock) where an apprentice was believed to be punished and trapped under the split boulders; Pokok Disula (Disula Tree) where a couple was said to be punished to death, therefore making the tree look as if there is a man hugging his beloved beneath it; and the Tasik Bunian (Bunian Lake) which was believed to be a place where fairies came to bath, preventing people from actually fishing in it, though the lake holds plenty of them. Should you wish to learn more about the little island's history, and a part of the whole country for that matter, the welcoming Pulau Besar Museum and the Sultan Ariffin Mausoleum are the best places to visit.

Pulau Besar generally shares the climate of Malacca, making its weather hot and humid throughout the year. Given that fact, it is a fantastic choice for anyone who wishes to spend the holiday seasons away from the cold and chill of winter. Although it is a great travel destination, however, people are recommended to visit the island only as part of day tours since there is only a single hotel and a handful of chalets to stay at as well as very limited stalls available on site.