Johor Bahru tour packages & holidays

Out of the many gorgeous tourist attractions in Malaysia, Johor Bahru is definitely one that offers something extra. Located in a coastal area, rich in swamp land and fairly close to several major rivers, any Johor Bahru tours are rich in geological and historical gems. The Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple is probably the most popular of the magnificent local attractions, and is most certainly well worth the visit. While Malaysia is filled to the brim with temples, this one in particular is always a great favorite. It can be reached on foot while exploring the rest of the city.

Anyone with a hankering after delectable Malaysian food or a love of Malay culture is bound to find Johor Bahru absolutely fascinating. Many delightful little restaurants and grills can be found hidden down shady streets that offer a much-needed break from the overwhelming heat. During the day, a trip to Danga Theme Park offers thrill seekers a great adrenaline rush while Legoland Malaysia is a fabulous choice for people of all ages. Johor Bahru's nightlife is equally satisfying, with no shortage of classy bars and more than a few clubs. For the history buffs, the Johor Old Chinese Temple and Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque offer a glimpse into Malaysia's past, which has no shortage of cultural amalgamation.

The best time of the year to visit Johor Bahru would be anytime between April and October. Monsoon season hits at any other time of the year, and unless you are particularly keen on a very damp sort of holiday. The Lantern Festival which reaches from mid-September to the beginning of October is a great tourist attraction as it showcases the absolute best that this vibrant part of Malaysia has to offer. Traditional foods, music and an overabundance of color is reason enough to book your flight during this time.