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Cherating in Malaysia is a beautiful island resort that offers a bevy of attractions for any visitor, whether you would rather stroll along a sandy beach or snorkel along a coral reef or hike inland to the jungles and waterfalls.  Yachting and surfing are two major sports and novices are welcome to join in the fun.  For those planning a holiday to Malaysia, the beach resort of Cherating may be your best bet, since the locals are friendly making you feel like one of them. 

Not as large, expansive, pricey, or flashy as many of the large resorts in Malaysia, Cherating is an excellent place for those who would rather get out of the traffic pattern and escape from civilization.  This is because Cherating is relatively remote, situated thirty miles away from any town with a population larger than ten thousand persons.  The geography of the island is a great choice for the outdoorsmen (and women) who prefer to spend their holiday tours trekking across new landscapes and seeing the beauty of nature.  Since Cherating itself is a fishing village, there are excellent places to eat the fresh hauls of each day.

Since all of Malaysia is situated proximate to the equator, there is a bare minimum of seasonal change: nearly every day at the oceanfront is bright and warm at about eighty degrees Farenheit, with storms that provide the rainforest with sustenance.  The weather is slightly rainier during the monsoon months of June to September and November to March, though a visitor who is not used to tropical weather may not notice it.  The best time to plan tours to Cherating is during the turtle hatching months, when you can see the exodus of baby turtles by moonlight in spring months of March to May.


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A stunning tropical paradise for the whole family - superb ambience, great beach, fantastic food and lot of activities for fun and games.

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