Bukit Tinggi tour packages & holidays

Bukit Tinggi is one of the best holiday destinations in Malaysia, which is located approximately 48 km from Kuala Lumpur. It is a one of the newest destinations in the Malaysian highland and is the favorite stop-over for visitors coming from Genting Highlands. Bukit Tinggi is accessible by Car and bus. There are daily taxi trips from Kuala Lumpur for people who want to visit this Malaysian destination.

When you reach the place, you will be greeted not by traditional Malaysian rural architecture, but medieval style European buildings and Western style amenities. The best destination in Bukit Tinggi is its French Colmar Tropical village resort, its beautiful Japanese Zen gardens, Spas and relaxing hot baths. Bukit also has an 18-hole golf course for people who want to play in this beautiful Malaysian retreat. The main landmark of Bukit Tinggi is its Clock tower which is the tallest edifice in the area. The area is also in the midst of a lush green rain-forest which stretches as far as the eye can see.

Restaurants serving both traditional Malaysian and Western cuisine are everywhere. The European- Style architecture of cafes on cobblestone streets and courtyards gives a very unique French ambiance. Bukit Tinggi has 17 theme shops which will allow you to buy all sorts of souvenir items. The place is also home to a unique Rabbit park where tourists can play with lots of rabbits which is taken cared off.

The Central Square becomes a hub of activity when the sun sets. Live bands continue to serenade tourists well into the night. Restaurants will continue to serve delicious cuisines and you can enjoy eating under the night sky.

Basically, one can go to Bukit Tinggi anytime of the year, however it would be best to travel after the Heavy monsoon season has subsided, which is roughly from November to March. However, Bukit Tinggi is a nice place any time of the year and whenever you visit; you will be in for a treat in one of the best Malaysian Holiday destinations. Tours to Bukit are available any time of the year. You can easily plan your visit as the place is one of Malaysia's tourist destinations.