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Macau as a tour and holiday destination

A visit to Macau will bring you in touch with the varied unique, rich, culture of the people. The country boasts of a fusion of Chinese and Portuguese. The historic and scenic beauty of Macau offers a memorable experience to any visitor. You will be shocked by the latest development in the country: there are world class casinos, hotels and resorts and lots of skyscrapers.

Must-visit places in Macau

Apart from the rich culture, there are many places you must see in the city. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to cruise to some of the best places in Macau. The first striking place you will love is Senado Square that is located at the center of Macau. The site is visited by many tourists and it is an obvious thing to see on the streets. It is also the urban center for both international and local tourists. If you love to spend your money on the wheel of fortune, hit one of the casinos in the city. The Venetian Macau is the home for all casinos in the country. This the place to have entertainment and kill the night away with drinks. If you are visiting with your friends, then this is the perfect place to unwind. The casino features ambient facilities such spacious rooms with marble bathrooms that will take your experience to the next level .You can also go shopping around the casino at the over 350 international shops.

Leaving Macau without checking the Ruins of St. Paul is like not visit the country at all. This historic attraction was destroyed with fire in the past. Unravel the mystery behind the church and learn how it was re-built again. The place is surrounded with stalls of food made from the delicacy of Portuguese. If you are planning to go on holiday in Macau, carry a camera to capture those unforgettable sights.


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