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Amman, the capital city of Jordan, is a mesmerizing city that offers its visitors a contrast through the combination of new and old attractions in primarily a hilly area located between the fertile valley of Jordan and the desert. The huge mountains and desert equally make the atmosphere of the city moderate and that is why making it a perfect place for the visitors to spend their holiday trip. Among the great many attractions that make the city a lively place are ultra-modern buildings, smart restaurants, hotels, boutiques, and art galleries. The traditional coffee shops and tiny artisans' workshops also enrich the traditional culture and customs of the people.

Amman is considered as a paradise for the professional tourists for whom not visiting this city will not fulfill the goal of their expedition. The old and new ways of living and diversity of the life styles of the people will add an extraordinary reflection of the city's culture. Since this is the largest city of the country and a greatest tourist attraction, the Jordanian government has also put in great effort for making the city a lively hub. The people of Amman are also very educated, hospitable, multi-cultural, and multi-denominational. Visitors of any kind and any place will be welcomed by them as they will feel proud in showing their guests around the beautiful and vibrant city.

The climate of the city is a bit temperate so the best time to visit the city is winters. The fresh vegetables that the city offers will also make your experience a healthier one. Traditional sporting activity in Amman is soccer and people here are mad about playing the game with great zeal. This is the reason that the city holds every year a local soccer tournament. One of the most famous festivals held in Amman, Jordan every year is Jerash Music Festival that is organized every May/June. You surely will not want to miss out this city during your holiday!


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