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Parapat, Indonesia is the kind of place that is blessed with wondrous natural resources and eye-catching beauty. It boasts world class lodging, fine dining, nightlife and all the amenities that are available back home. While Parapat used to be an expat paradise, it has seen its prices steadily rise over the years as it has grown economically and is finding its way onto the radars of Western Travellers. Still, it is relatively unheard of in the West and holds much to experience and explore. Let Parapat be your next holiday destination.

Things to do in Parapat

One of Indonesia's many attractions, Lake Toba, the region's volcanic lake that is home to Samosir Island, is four hours from Parapat, if you want to see one of Asia's most unforgettable naturally occurring spectacles. Indonesia itself is an emerging economy with a respect for the rule of law and social convention. Parapat has much of the traditional native style of living ensconced within a rapidly diversifying and emerging nation. For an out of the way escape, where you will find more convention and custom that you are not accustomed to, Parapat is great for the holiday traveler who doesn't mind being without the malls or the guided tours. Parapat awaits discovery.

Best time to visit Parapat

To get to Parapat, you can utilize one of Indonesia's major airlines by flying into one of the less isolated metropolitan areas (Medan) and arranging transportation by bus to Parapat. This is a long bus ride and since Indonesia is still developing in so many ways, expects delays, crowded conditions and other contingencies. Make sure you have plenty of water to keep hydrated, as Parapat's climate is tropical and it is hot much of the year. Despite having a less than "hospitable" climate, Parapat is an unbelievable place with much to see and learn about. Discover Parapat Indonesia.


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Lake Toba
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An interesting trip that brings you to some of Indonesia’s most well-known tourist spot. We will visit the majestic Maimoon Palace, the serene Lake Toba and the intriguing Ambarita Village. 

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