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Batam as a tour and holiday destination

Batam is a small and exotic island in Indonesia. This country is the largest archipelago in the world. It is located in Southeast Asia. One of the most popular tourist spots in this island is the Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Buddhist Temple. This breathtaking Buddhist temple offers marvelous statues, which represents the Indonesian culture. It has an orphanage that houses Indonesian children, who are religiously inclined to Buddhism.

Things to do in Batam

There are authentic restaurants in this island that offers exotic vegan foods. There are bizarre business centers that can accommodate tourists, as well. Bar hopping is another activity that tourists can enjoy while staying in this island. Adventurers can explore the site through trekking. Water sports such as jet skiing, sea diving, snorkeling, and boat racing are available in various tours and travel agencies. Backpackers, couples, and group of tourists can stay at Montigo Resorts Nongsa. It offers sophisticated facilities with several recreational amenities. This award-winning resort hotel is ideal so that families can enjoy their getaway experience.

Best time to visit Batam

This island is situated near the equator. Therefore, its climate and weather is tropically humid. The temperature ranges from 22 degrees Celsius in between November and December and 34 degrees Celsius in between June and July. The best time to spend your holiday in this island is during the dry season (May to September). This is ideal for water sports and outdoor activities. Tourists are recommended to witness the famous Malay Arts Festival also known as Kenduri Seni Malayu. This festival is held every December. It depicts the Indonesian culture to commemorate the anniversary of this island. The main objective for this festival is for the preservation of Malay arts, which are inspired through the beliefs and traditional practices of local Indonesians.

Tourists should make this island as part of their Asian escapade. It does not only provide excellent attractions for foreigners, but it helps them to understand the Batam way of living. Explore this island and unleash its hidden gems.


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