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Kovalam as a tour and holiday destination 

Hawa beach is one of the three commonly known beaches in Kovalam. Kovalam is a town in South Kerala, India. Also known as Eve's beach, Hawa lies directly opposite Lighthouse beach. The Edakallu foreland divides Hawa beach from Kovalam beach. Eve's beach is famous for its unique feature-the beautiful sunset view. Hawa beach is situated in one of the oldest tourist enclaves in India. Landmarks in Kovalam include Ayuryeda Pachakarma Centre, the Karamana River and Kovalam fish market.

Things to do in Kovalam 

This is one of the best attractions for tourists who want enjoy sandy shores, serene and isolated environments. You will get a variety of dishes including vegetarian and non-vege dishes, Chinese, Italian and continental cuisine. This beach town is a treasure trove for shopping. You will leave with your bag full of handicrafts made from sandalwood, rosewood and ivory. You will buy these handicrafts from Kashmiri and Rajasthan emporiums as well as Tibetan Curio shops. Do not worry about accommodation; there are luxurious hotels and beach houses to accommodate you. These hotels provide services and facilities ranging from laundry, pick and drop from airport and spa. The morning is a beehive of activities as the fishermen take their boats to go in the water.

Best time to visit Kovalam 

You can visit Hawa Beach at any time of the year but the most preferred time is in January. There are always a number of celebrations and festivals held in January in Kovalam, India. Celebrations like the village fair where visitors get to witness the showcase of Kerala's heritage. The Elephant festival also takes place in January and lasts four days. Not forgetting the food festival is also commonly known as Fandango.  Take long walks alongside the beach-about a kilometer before leaving the city.

Book your holiday air ticket now for a trip to Kovalam and most specifically Eve's Beach. You do not want to miss the cultural celebrations and great Indian food.


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