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Kerala as a tour and holiday destination 

Kerala is a state in the southern region of India. This state, which is located on a narrow coastal strip, is renowned for its lush vegetation and sandy beaches. This state is a popular tourist destination because of its thriving art culture, breathtaking architecture, picturesque mountains and distinct cuisines that differ from cuisine offered in other Indian states. Kerala, whose territorial borders extend to the Arabian Sea, borders the Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Things to do in Kerala

If you are planning to take a vacation to Asia, make sure you spend a few days in Kerala. Besides its amazing ayurvedic spas and sporting activities, this tourist destination also offers visitors attractions such as views of its pristine forests and a great range of holiday accommodation facilities. Furthermore, this picturesque state has a wide range of scenic water bodies such as lagoons, rivers and numerous islands. It also worth noting that the Natural Geographic magazine listed Kerala as one of the top 50 paradises for travelers worldwide in 2008.

If you want to experience rich Asian culture during your holiday, you should definitely make plans to visit Kerala. This state is rich in culture and has distinct dance, drama and music styles that generally attract large tourist crowds all year round. In order to experience all the elements of Kerala's rich culture in one place, you can attend the Kerala State School Art Festival, which takes place annually at the end or beginning of the year. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the festival is the largest cultural event in Asia.

Best time to visit Kerala 

Because Kerala is close to the equator, it enjoys a tropical climate and experiences cool and rainy weather all year round. If you are looking for a travel destination which has warm weather, you can book your trip during the Kerala summer which lasts from March to May each year. Finally, while on your trip to Kerala, India, you can sample the attractions on its numerous islands such as Lakshadweep which is famous for its pristine beaches and scuba diving.


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