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Zhuhai as a tour and holiday destination

Zhuhai is one of the most industrialized cities in the Guandong province and is internationally acclaimed as one of the prettiest and cleanest cities in the world. The main reason for tourists to travel from all over China and abroad to Zhuhai is to experience its beauty and picturesque qualities. Its airport focuses on local destinations within China. Tourist from abroad would usually flyover to Hong Kong first and travel to Zhuhai either by bus, taxi or ferry.

Things to do in Zhuhai 

The most iconic feature of Zhuhai is its long and lovely coastlines which are landscaped perfectly to provide a romantic ambiance unique to Zhuhai. The city comprises 146 islands, all of which a sea side paradise of its own. As a city for lovers, partners can stroll down the lover's road, which is a nice coastline walkway which gives a unique view of the city and the adjacent city of Macau.

There are selections of shopping malls in Zhuhai. Open air marketplaces, roadside stalls and unique outdoor restaurants fill Zhuhai's urban scenery. Tourists can visit the Zhuhai Shopping mall to buy local products or go to Carrefour or Jusco to buy imported, mostly western products. Food is extravagantly provided in Zhuhai. Hundreds of restaurants are always ready to excite the taste buds of tourists and locals alike. The city specializes in seafood cuisine; however one can easily find international delicacies.

Zhuhai's extravagant array of nightclubs, bars and entertainment establishments of all sorts gives tourist the chance to let go and spend the night enjoying the exciting night life environment. After the sun sets, Zhuhai's opens its arms to everyone, beckoning them to come in and have a great time. Karaoke bars is also a wild hit in Zhuhai, tourist can enjoy a night of endless music in these bars all the way till morning.

Zhuhai is a good place to visit even after the holiday off. It is a city filled with life, enjoyment and beauty. Anyone who wants to have a good time should add Zhuhai in their list of place to visit.


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