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Yangshuo in China should be in your list of destinations to visit if you are thinking about having fresh air and away from the city life. Yangshuo is a tiny county in south China, lying on the northeast of Guangxi Province. This tourist destination is surrounded by Karst Mountains and beautiful scenery. The city is ideal for people who are hungry for diverse Chinese cultures and flavors.

Things to do in Yangshuo 

You will love the ethnic communities like Zhuang, Hui and Yao who represent their culture in various festivals. Common attractions in the area include the Li River which traverses the county, bringing out the beautiful scenery. The Moon Hill, Schoolboy Hill, Mural Hill and other hills stand in different postures along the river. These hills form a natural stage for the world's famous opera "impression Sanjie Liu".

Have fun cruising in the little Li River and Yulong River. These rivers have silky waters, green hills and ancient bridges. Folk culture and tranquil rural life is evidenced in the primitive village of Xanadu. The town welcomes you to a primitive and simple atmosphere. Don't forget to see the Big Banyan tree that is over 1400 years. While on holiday, also enjoy Chinese delicacies including fish, rice noodles, glutinous rice cakes and Niang dishes. You could also try the local specialties like kumquats, Chinese chestnuts and Shatian Shaddocks.

Traditionally, cycling and hanging out at night were the major activities in Yangshuo, China. However, things have changed of late and there is plenty to do when you travel. You can go cruising, attend an evening show at Impression Sanjie Liu concerts or go shopping at the west street (Xi Ji). Rafting, swimming, kayaking from Fuli to Puyi, Shangri-La, rock climbing and long bike rides are some of the other activities you can take part in during your holiday.


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Join us to discover the dazzling Guilin and Yangshuo; fascinating crown cave; be entertained with the impression of Liu Sanjie show; take a glace on Guilin from the top of Yao Mountain.

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