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Tianjin as a tour and holiday destination 

Tianjin is considered as one of the four major municipalities in China. The name of this city means 'the place where the emperors used to cross the river'. The city faces the Bohai Sea at one side, and serves as an important route for Beijing to the sea. The city attracts thousands of tourists from all across the world as it has its own rich culture and its historical landmarks are great attractions for millions of people. Among the famous landmarks, Dule Temple is one, which is made of a structure that dates back to more than a thousand years ago. This city is considered as a religious hub for many Chinese as it has many old temples. Confucian Temple is another old landmark of the city. Additionally, the Great Wall of China also passes by the city at Huangya Pass.

Things to do in Tianjin

People who are very religious and want to get serenity from the worldly affairs are advised to travel to the city for their mental satisfaction. The city is also famous for its tasty cuisines that are primarily prepared from fish and other meat. Among the traditional sporting activities played in Tianjin are ping pong and soccer. The Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Qing Ming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Moon Festival, and Double Ninth Festival are held in the city every year, and one must attend any of the above festivals on their holiday trip to Tianjin.

Best time to visit Tianjin 

The city is located on the bay and therefore has a very pleasant climate. Spring and Fall season are most favourable for you to visit as you will then be able to easily travel across the city. The tourists will also find many cultural landmarks except the temples which will be the great source of entertainment and fun and also you will be able to learn about the rich Chinese history.


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