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Punakha as a tour and holiday destination 

Punakha is located in Bhutan, and is one of the busiest areas in the country. It actually used to be the capital of Bhutan, but although it isn't anymore, there are still lots to do if you decide to travel to this area. Located about 72 km away from Thimphu, it features lovely river valleys and gorgeous scenery.

Things to do in Punakha 

Here you will find plenty of things to do, whether you want to go visit one of the art galleries or take in a museum, there is lots of rich culture here. The Ritsha Village is one of the main areas here, famous for rice farming. You can meet some of the farmers and see the huge fields they tend to. Many areas around the world rely on the rice that comes from this area. The village houses are typically very small, made of pounded mud with stone foundations. There are lovely gardens and several fresh markets you can go to during the day if you want to get fresh produce.

Best time to visit Punakha 

The museums and art galleries are some of the most popular attractions, showcasing the rich cultural history of the area. Although the area is quaint it is still busy and bustling, and there are always fun things to do. The best time of year to visit is during the summer months when there is the least amount of rainfall, which takes place between June and October in the area of Punakha, Bhutan.

However, Bhutan has a lot to offer, and whether you decide to go on one of the guided holiday tours or you check out the attractions on your own, it's great to know you can travel here and really enjoy yourself. Even if you bring the kids, you'll have a great time.


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Bhutan officially the Kingdom of Bhutan, is a landlocked state in South Asia located at the eastern end of the Himalayas. It is bordered to the north by China and to the south.Bhutan existed as a patchwork of minor warring fiefdoms until the early 17th century.

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