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Tangalooma in Australia is famous for scuba diving and feeding dolphins as a holiday getaway. It is also known for its picturesque underwater caves and fishes.

Tangalooma is a resort township that is located on the western part of Moreton Island in Queensland. It is originally a whaling station. It is about 70 minutes away from Brisbane when riding a catamaran. It has a population of around 300 and accommodates around 3500 visitors every week.

Tangalooma is the best place to go for those who love dolphins. The place is known to practice hand-feeding the dolphins during sunset and a number of their guests are given the privilege to do such. Other attractions of Tangalooma are its serene resorts covered with white sand, sand dunes and wreck diving. There are a lot of diving and scenic attractions in Tangalooma. Some of them are Cherubs Cave dive site, Gotham city dive sites and mount tempest.  Cherubs cave dive site has a hidden circular cave that measures 20 by 15 meters and has around six exits. The cave is surrounded by pelagic life, small caves, rocky gullies, groper and grey nurse shark.

In Gotham city dive site, there is a gigantic granite rock standing up. It actually looks like a refrigerator lying on its side. It measures 40X25 meters wide. There are also few shallow caves at its side that can be explored.

Also the Mount Tempest is known as the highest stabilized sand dune in the whole world. It is around 285 meters high. It offers experienced climbers a steep and challenging climb or travel but the view on top is worth every step! Once you get on top, you can see the breathtaking beauty of Morton bay.


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