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Perth is the capital of Western Australia State and home to the largest gold bar collections in the world. You will enjoy beach life, taste world class wines, the golden sunset, experience bush lands and enjoy fun activities all in one place. There are a variety of attractions in the city that will keep you busy during your holiday.

Start by visiting the Perth Zoo where there are more than 200 species of animals. See the modern African Savannah, the Nocturnal House, Asian Rainforest and Australian Walkabout. The Zoo breeds critically endangered species of over 1,300 native and exotic animals.

After a visit to the Zoo, go to the award winning Perth Mint to see the largest gold bar exhibition in the world. Perth Mint also houses Australia's largest natural nugget collection. Enjoy a guided tour and see  real time gold pour and have fun weighing yourselves on the gold scale to see how much each of you is worth in terms of gold. You could also engrave your own medallions.

Allow your children some time to go to the Adventure World. The holiday will be much fun for your little ones at the exclusive amusement park in Perth. The young ones will enjoy Kids Cove while the others get memorable time on the waterslides and thrill rides. The recently introduced 'Dragon's Kingdom' is ideal for families with young adventurers.

No need to worry if you don't have a holiday home in Australia, there are a variety of affordable family friendly hotels and accommodation in Perth. You could book hotel rooms or family serviced apartments. If you hadn't thought of a place to travel with your family for next summer holiday, consider Perth, Australia.


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Hutt Lagoon's iconic colouring comes from the presence of the caroteinoid-producing algae, dunaliella salina - which is a source of beta-carotene; a food-colouring agent and a great source of Vitamin A. Dunaliella salina is commonly used in cosmetics and dietary supplements - it's said to be fantastic for skin health.

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