Asia is a wonderfully diverse continent and Asian countries themselves are often diverse with many languages, cultures and cuisines fusing together. Explore vast China with its long history, savouring the different cuisines as you travel from north to south. Travelling in colourful India also presents a wonderful opportunity to understand the mindset of this country fast becoming an important international superpower. East Asia’s Japan, Taiwan and Korea upon first sight may seem to be similar, but delve deeper into these countries and you will soon realise they each have their own unique landscapes, culture and way of thinking. South-East Asia, with its myriad countries, easily allows visitors to combine a few countries in one trip, using Thailand as a base. Enjoy the delicious foods and perhaps even learn to cook it for yourself as a long-lasting souvenir of your trip. Or take part in a local festival to really get a feel for the country. Above all, enjoy the adventure and treat yourself to a little luxury: you will find that Asia is a place where you can get real value for money.