Travelling with you since 1976

Sedunia Holidays have sent millions of people around Asia and the World since 1976. We really enjoy helping people experience foreign cultures, explore new places or just relax and get away from it all. In Malay, Sedunia means ‘one world’ and we want you to see it – affordably and conveniently.

As one of the pioneers of the travel industry, our many customers has helped us to grow to one the largest and most trusted travel agencies in Malaysia. Our decades of travel experience means we can truly offer you the best possible service and knowledge.

  • Award-winning agency – we have won many awards from Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, KLM and more. We know what we are doing

  • Save money – we send a lot of people round Asia every year, so we can get the best possible deals

  • More choice – in our 30+ years we have built an extensive catalogue of fun holidays for you to choose from

  • Great customer service – our experienced travel experts know what you want. Around 35% of people who book with us has done so before, try us to see why people keep coming back

  • Exciting experiences – we know you want to have fun on holiday, so we offer the best and most adventurous holidays we can find


We Take You Global with Radius Travel

We Sedunia Travel Services Sdn Bhd is a Radius Travel member. That means we can work with Radius to help you consolidate your travel program regionally or globally.

Like us, every Radius member agency worldwide meets the high operating, financial, and service standards required for membership. They know their markets the way we know our market, so your travelers and local offices can rely on people who understand the language, culture, and all that is distinctive about their market.

So if you want all the benefits of a consolidated program with personalized service and support, we’re here for you. We Sedunia Travel Services Sdn Bhd take you global with Radius Travel.